Josh and the team here are some of the best people I know!


They have really helped me out on more than one occasion and they helped save some money to. Thanks guys and gals. You guys are the best!!!


I couldn't be more pleased with your service. You took a very frustrating situation and went above and beyond to turn it around for me. I've already told one of my coworkers about you guys because he has been looking for a good mechanic. Thanks again.


Josh and his crew are incredibly talented and trustworthy. Thank you!


Josh and team are the BEST! So glad to have this business in our community.


They live up to their name. Incredible service and a pleasure to work with!

Robin Bracken

They do what their name means if they can't fix the problem the first time they won't stop until it's done right... Great repair shop

Andrew Brough

rear suspension went out, and they were able to replace it, and I had a pretty bad coolant leak that is almost entirely fixed (small stubborn leak, nothing major).
Hardly anyone in Missoula works on Land Rovers, I should've done more research on my vehicle before buying it, but my lesson has been learned.. I am very grateful for Josh and his crew, being able to fix what they can, and being HONEST in telling me if they can't. So far I've been lucky and they've been able to repair everything I've needed repaired, and for a decent price!
I've already recommended H.A to a few people, they're trustworthy, dependable, hard working, and actually care about their customers. Thank you to everyone at H.A!

Jena Kaske

Traveling from Alabama to Washington on a budget, when our belts went out. We were towed to this location after calling multiple stores, not only was this the only shop near by that was willing to change a belt-they did it with integrity and generosity. Literally the only mechanics I'd trust in the country. Thank y'all so much

Rayessa Bell

Truly the best and fairest place I have ever been. I recommend everyone I know And all my family to this place. So many good things to say about the work, prices and amazing service here. So glad I found this place.

Bobbi Hurley